Thursday, August 9, 2007

Today I have found a couple more DT to apply for so I was madly getting hubby to take pics of 'me'....mmmm it is so hard to scrap me, well for me anyway. But hey he didn't do a bad job, so maybe I will be able to come up with something that I am half happy with.

Big weekend this weekend, my sisters hens weekend. So tomorrow Mum & I are off shopping for food, cleaning up the house, packing DH & kids off to MIL and then its time to kick back and relax.... I am so needing a relaxing weekend, just the girls, 10 of us, can't tell you what is happening till monday just incase sister dear reads this.
So today I have taught a class, only2 ladies, but it was really nice and relaxing, I half finished a new design, and started a page about me... so not too bad I spose.
Better go clean up after dinner, and have a glass of wine to wind down.
Hopefully tomorrow I will work out how to move the slide show!!!!

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