Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Peer pressure has got to me

Due to some very "rude" friends demands here I am blogging.... okay I know I have been slack on the picture front, so here goes.... picture overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I did try to label each pic seperately but it wouldn't line up properly, can anyone tell me how to do this?????

December 2007 Meah's Dance Concert/Xmas at my family's/Xmas Eve/The Tramp/ Xmas Lunch/ Xmas with Jason's family @ Tamworth

Christmas Lunch..... just us!!!!!!!!!!

I'll up load my pages this year later today :)


Kate said...

Great photos Peta!! lots of scrapping to do now!! sorry for being a "rude" friend, but at least you are getting updated now!!! It looks good!!

Peta said...

boy it was frustrating... do you have trouble with yours not sitting in the right spot????

Terri H said...

Loving the pics Peta. Good to see you blogging again too LOL.

I can never get my pics to sit how I want them to when I upload to my blog either.

Narelle Pearce aka Sassyscrap said...

Lovely photos girl, none of mine ever line up!!! Looks like you had a wonderful Xmas and caught some beautiful moments to scrap. Looking forward to seeing your pages.