Monday, March 17, 2008

Full Weekend

Wow.... thankgod that weekend is finished!!!! I feel exhausted just looking back over it.
It was my 'single mum' weekend, so I spent the whole time running around with the kids for sport!!!!
Friday night Meah had ballet, and they usually ave swim club, but I piked as it was soooo hot & humid.
Saturday morning we had Zac at footy ~ it was about 30 deg at 10am..... I got burnt!!! rushed in and did the bare essentials of shopping & then got Meah to Cheerleading just in time..... the afternoon was spent at home, I got a sleep in and a page of scrapping..... Then Carol came over for thai, wine & scrappin ~ Happy Anniversary to me ~ it was a lovely way to spend it!
Sunday I decided that the kids deserved a treat and we headed of to the fair at Lochinvar School.... it was nice, but hot, the kids enjoyed it, had a few rides and then we came home to relax for an hour before swim club championships took us from 1.30pm to 5.30pm.... and we didn't even stay for the whole thing..... I was over it big time!!!!

so now we are at Monday and I am off to work for the day..... shame as I have soooo much here I need to catch up on, like starting to get ready to go away on thursday.

will try to load some pics tonight.

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Melanie said...

That is a busy weekend, I love my quiet weekends and will cherish them while DD is still young and has no out of school activities. Lol

Hope you can rest up this week, you need it.