Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A bit low

Well thankyou to all those who followed me thru the DT process.... but unfortunately the position was given top my competitor Leanne...Congrats Leanne!!!
BUT do not despair Bon has "plans for me"..... scarey hey!!!! Not really..... Bon & I had a chat and worked out that timing with my bub probably isn't this best..... so watch this space and more will be revealed in the months ahead!!!!

So what else is happening..... I am a bit over being pregnant.... the back, the swelling, the tiredness etc....... its getting me down abit now....

Hey I finished work!!! well sort of, I have to take a report in on thrusday but other than that I am done!!!! Not that I will know what to do now on my day off..... probably more scrapping!!!

Well off to do the groceries..... will up load some pages later today if I have time


Melanie said...

Its disappointing sweetie but you are very talented and Im sure Bon has something great in store for you. You are very talented to make that far in the game so well done.

Good to hear you finished work, rest up as much as you can so you are energised for when bubba is born.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear your finishing work PJ hopefully you can chill and scrap all day now .... you done well in the dt rounds and a fierce competitor


Kate said...

Chin up sweetie!! you are fabulous & talented scrapper, a fantastic mum & a loyal friend xxxx won't be long till that baby will be on the outside & hopefully you will feel much better about everything...