Friday, May 16, 2008

Blind Challenge #2

YAY its time again.....TONIGHT......

sorry this is late, but i did have it already yesterday, but forgot to hit the load button :)

ITS NOT TOO LATE to join in the fun.... only $5 gives you access to play.... email me for details for payment!!! We are alos playing on Monday 1pm if this suits you better!!!!

Okay the criteria is as follows

a 5x7 photo
1 x card stock
3 x patterned papers
one embellishment
bling or buttons
alpha for title
journal block (or sml square or cardstock)
gel pens
corner rounder

hope you are all ready for a fun night of scrapping!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think I may be able to do the monday 1pm one!! How exciting!! I'll just get my act together and get off this computer, and do some uni work!! How does it work, do you have to do it then and there at 1? And have it completed by a certain time??
Tash xx

Peta said...

YAY Tash, obviously it is better to do at the time.... but you can wait and do it later.... no time limit as to when you finish it, except the access to the site will only be till friday.... anymore questions please ask!!! Now go do that uni work!!!

michelle said...

Hi I'm here. Have we started yet? I see all the instructions are out>

michelle said...

Ignore my last entry. I took the time to read properly

Peta said...

Michelle we are over in the blind Challenge blog....

Terri H said...

I forgot all about this Peta. I will definitely be doing the next one