Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ive been tagged!!!!

Here's how it works.
Answer the questions about yourself.
At the end of your post, tag another 4 people & post their names. Go to their blogs & leave a comment letting them know they've been tagged.
Let the person who tagged you know that you have posted your answers.

My answers are:
Q1: Ten years ago.....I was 25 and in 3 days I would give birth to my first baby (2 weeks early)..... Jason was away in Scone working, and grandma was staying with me....

Q2: Five things on today's "to do list".....Get home in time for footy training, catch up on all chat at Bon's, keep the clean house tidy, make sure the uniforms were clean, try boys suits on

Q3: Snacks I enjoy..... chocolate & chocolate

Q4: Things I would do if I was a millionaire..... get out of debt & invest in realestate, buy jasons Mum & Uncle their farms! buy our own farm, and travel with friends & family

Q5. Places I have lived.... Kings Cross, Melbourne, Newcastle, Blue Mountains, Canada, newcastle, Branxton

I tag



Kate said...

Lol thanks Peta

anna said...

wow - i seriously did this one just yesterday... can i beg off this time? pleeease? :D
thanks for thinking of me though! he he...


dont ever tag me... lol