Saturday, February 7, 2009

A HUGE weekend....

Well I am soooo proud of my kids & hubby..... we have, in 2 days, moved the boys into Sienna's room, Sienna in with Meah, put Meah's new bed together, ripped up the carpet out of the 'now playroom/spare room' and SORTED out HEAPS!!!!!!!
we are still not totally finished but so far it is looking AWESOME!!!!!!

Okay so this is where all the JUNK is..... to be sorted out thru the week when the kids are at school - so I can THROW MOST OF IT OUT!!!!!!!!!
this was the boys room - it now has no carpet and will be the spare room/playroom - most of their toys will stay in here - as well as the computer desk etc etc

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Charmaine said...

I LOVE reorganising rooms.....they look great Peta:)
LOL at the clearing out hile they are at school...its the only way isnt it:)

Mal said...

this looks great peta! well done, what a job!

Bree said...

Great job Peta and well done to your family for helping out. I always remember the wonderful feeling I got as a kid when the whole family achieved something together!!

Bree said...

Peta I just noticed your new page header, it is gorgeous!!