Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A blogger award

I would like to thank Charm for this award.... its so nice to know that someone visits me regularly to see what im up to.... thanks!!!

now I have to name 7 things I LOVE!!!!

1. my family ~ of course
2. that my best friend lives around the corner ~ I love this more than i can explain - She is ALWAYS there for me - to help me out, to have a cuppa, lunch, a wine or jsut for a chat!!!!!
3. my friends ~ old and new
4. scrapbooking ~ my relaxation & where i have made so many WONDERFUL friends
5. home ~ LOVE being home
6. retreats ~ my ME time with my 'scrappingfriends' BEST times!!!!
7. camping ~ family & friend time - best memories & photos ever

now Charm has awarded this to people I will be too - so i dont expect them to put it up twice.... but im not a bog blog hopper - I have my favs :)

1. Kate
2. Sandie
3. Bon
4. Tash
5. Terri
6. Lisa
7. Sar

Thanks again Charm - and I hope you all enjoy looking at these ladies blogs like i do!!!


Terri B said...

Awww thanks Peta, I am touched. Will add the award on my next post.

Cant wait to see you next Thursday -- been far too long. xoxo

LisaW said...

You're such a sweetie! Thx PJ.