Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How does one catch up???

So much has happened in the past 3 weeks im not sure where to start....

So I might get all the chat over with ans then I will do a seperate post tomorrow with some pages and photos....

Going backwards

13-15th July - We went down to Syndey for the 1st 3 days of School Hols to see Kylie [my sister] and her family.... we tookt he kids to the zoo - saw the baby elephant - and the kids had a GREAT day.... today we went to fox sudios to the markets and park - lots of fun things to do there - easy place to spend the whole day...... photos to follow :)

9-12th July - Jason was home - so lots of social things to do - friends for dinner friday & saturday nights and then to friends sunday night - lots of wine drunk and LOTS and LOTS of laughs.... of course Sat footy too :)

8th July - Sarah & Lauren came to scrap - Kate came too and Carol called in for Coffee to meet the girls... we had a GREAT day :)

7th July - I had a class with some lovely ladies and they all had little ones which were so well behaved

5th July - Zac's baday party - lots of BOYS - and hung over adults LOL

4th July - My BABY IS 11!!!! OMG where has that time gone..... and Jessica's 18th party - dress up - heaps of fun - LOADS of pics.....

3th July - my kids made me SOOO proud - both representing their school in athletics :) Zac in 800m he came 10/16 and Meah in 100m - she won her heat then made the final and ran 6/10

2nd July - I saw Loretto - a simply AMAZING lady who has made me look at my 'life' in a whole new way

1st July - Caleb is 4 - such a big boy now!!!! Lauren is 15...... and JESSICA is 18 OMG!!!! we went to Petersons for breaky - it was lovely!!! then went to the Nugents for a joint bday dinner for the kids!!! party pies for caleb's party and Yummy mustard chicken for Jess - MMMMMM!!!!!!!

the end of june...... i went and spent a GREAT 3 days with Bon and her family - i really enjoyed it - they are soooo gorgoeus - we had HUGE laughs [at poor Matt's expense] and got to chat and scrap LIVE with Mal, Mel, Jodi, Dannii, Kerry and i FINALLY got to meet CHARM - i had a great night - it was over all too soon, cant wait for the retreat to really get to chat to them all :)

then i went to Adelaide and caught up with Nomes - which was just the best thing I have done in the last 6mths I have to say - and WE CANNOT LEAVE IT THAT LONG AGAIN!!!!!!!..... her gorgeous twins are now 3 and the PERFECT models for me - the photos are amazing!!!!!

So im sure there are more things to tell - but im sure you are over it - LOL!!!!

So I will got and try and russle up some pages & pics to share tomorrow :)


Kate said...

july is very busy for you Love, not over yet either! LOL!!
Can't wait to see all the fabulous photos from all the events scrapped :)

marijana said...

about time your updated your blog babe!!! lol

HAPPY BDAY for tomorrow