Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to work!!!!

"“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.”"
Author: Oscar Wilde

Today I start back at work.... its been nearly 4 months since ive worked at Brokenwood.... needed some time for me & the family.... amd sort of looking forward to it, but being a home body I would prefer to stay here in my jammie pants HEEHEE!!!
Mind you the kids are whinging & fighting so maybe it is a good day to go to work!!!!
I have a few Layouts 'nearly' finished here - but I will share this one with you...
My gorgeous nephew again.... and the awesome Round & Round kit....

Well I better go get ready - oh yeah BTW my product didnt all arrive yesterday so i will load it up tomorrow after my class....

I have a FULL class Wednesday - it should be loads of fun.... we are using the new Rouge de Garance papers - nice and bright!!!!

Check out the class times.... i have now set a night class once a month as I have a few people asking.... make sure you book in as soon as possible so I know numbers!!!

Have a GREAT tuesday!!!


Sar said...

Have an awesome day in the 'adult world' Pj...I'm kinda jealous!! xoxo

Kate said...

Love that page, can't wait to get my kit!! good luck back at work today xxx