Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Class Day

A hug is the shortest distance between friends.
~Author Unknown

Another FANTASIC class here today....
5 lovely ladies, gorgeous NEW products, yummy lunch & lots of laughs.....

and also with these awesome pages I create this using the Stuck Sketch for Sept

I am so happy with this page - it was lots of fun to do too....

We are heading away for a week on friday - and I havent even started packing - so I really need to get writing a few lists and sorting our stuff out... oh hang on I have packed 1 thing - my box of wine LOL!!!
We are heading to the Blue Moutains for a few nights where we will be attending my school reunion.... and then we are off to Wollongong for a family holiday - geat location as I also get to go to 2 crops witht he Savvy girls and also we get to spend some quality time with my sisters & BILs - and the neices!!!!

Okay of to do dinner and all that stuff...... ENJOY!!!!!

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michelle said...

Thanks for another fun class. Can't wait to play with that new mega kit.
Glad you have got the packing