Thursday, September 3, 2009

Now THIS is why I scrap!!!!!!

"""A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."""

In July I booked our usual table at the MD Edgeworth Crop Day and we had an awesome
FUN filled day... as these pics show!!!!
Scrapping with friends - something you just cant go past!!!

and these girls are the BEST!!!!

back L-R.... Nat, Carol, Tash, Bron, Jody
front L-R.... Me, Michelle & Kate
The girls had some great probs for us to play with
- and of course we had to use them ALL!!!


[yes Carol you get an extra Best than Kate HEEHEE]

Me, Carol & Kate.....

you guys are the BEST - you have been my rock - my sanity and my savours....THANKS :)

and Michelle
- wow I never would have guessed on first meeting you all those yrs ago at Kate's that you would become the amazing friend you have become....
you are like a guardian angel - sent here to
look out for me, support and help....

Here are some pics today I took when we were out in Singleton....
This fence was just calling out to be used - lucky there were a few birds for
Sienna to look at as she wasnt in the posing mood!!!!

untill we got to the hospital grounds and she was soooo cute.....
i have about 50 pics but this is my fav!!!

So I better go and upload those to snapfish so i can scrap them all quick smart!!!
I love them all!!!
New pics and new products what more could one ask for!!!!
The kit sale... 5 have sold out already so dont waste time!!!
Please note; if you want to order and pay for your kits im happy to hold your order till after each week of the sales are over and then you can pay postage....
Email me here if you want to know how.


marijana said...

beautiful Peta!!!
just beautiful babe!!!!


Sar said...

Awesome post, Peta! Love the frame and the pic with besties, I can't wait to see that scrapped! And that Sienna kid is just beautiful, lol!

Deb said...

Those pics with the frames are awesome and Sienna is just so cute!

michelle said...

Awww Peta, you say the lovliest things. I'm reading this, at nearly 2 in the morning, at work. You just made my day.....night.

Love all those photos.

Tash said...

lol Michelle, you are just so beautiful!! These pics are awesome peta!! Can't wait to scrap mine and how ceeeeute is Sienna!! xxx

Terri B said...

STUNNING photos Peta. Looks liekke you all had the best day at the crop day. Those pics of Sienna ate amazing! Poor little mite for the scrapes on her face. xox