Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home - Warm & washing!!!!

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. ~Jane Austen

YAY - Im home....
surrounded by dirty washing, dirty dishes & loads of scrapping product...
Oh how I missed my house - not the washing but....
and of course it is raining - so the 3 loads on the line are now get wetter and the other 4 loads will have to wait - not only for sun but for line space... the joys of holidays.
Had some friends over for dinner last night after our "netball training" - yep we are starting mixed outdoor netball next week - mmmmm - should be fun!!!!

So today will be filled with "retreat organisation" as I am watching Sar's ticker over at Savvy
and it is scraring me!!!! 20 days to go OMG!!!!

I will also take some picks of the Layouts I did at Savvy crops last week and share those with you later today - i may even have 3 posts for today LOL - so much to share!!!!

here's a few picks from our week away... no time to edit - but you get the idea of the rain and the cold!!!
Our little set up... small compared to what we are use to but it was cosy!!!!

Can you see the rain streaming down in front of the camp....
and Jason running around making sure the tarp was set right for the run off!!!

The kids playing on the beach behind us.... this was on the Monday around lunch time
- the nicest day we had.... althought it rained on and off!!!

Kiama Blow hole on the Wednesday - Sar & the kids, Marijana, Tom & the Kids, Em & Tim, & our friend Ester & her kids all met there....

Sar, M's & my kids [and Emma]....
Sienna was in a FOUL mood - as you can tell here!!!! LOL!!!

We went to Kiama for a picnic lunch - we ate our fish & chips in the park - and as we finished it rained!!! BUT we still had a great day out!!!
I have more pics but you can wait to see them on my Layouts....

Have a great SUNDAY!!!!
oh yay the suns out again - more washing to do!!!


marijana said...

glad you got home OK :)
its still crap down here :(
now get your but into action babe its only 20 days and the retreat will be here :) woooohoooo
so cant wait :)


Anonymous said...

shame about the weather but great you caught up with Sar and M :)
OMG - didn't realise it was so close - I have nothing organised and I will be leaving here in 18 days. Can't wait - better start getting organised. Take care x

michelle said...

Woo hoo, glad your home. Missed chatting with you.

Kate said...

YAY you are home!! looks like you had a great time away, shame about the weather :( Love the piccies!!