Monday, November 2, 2009

Friendship & Fun ~ what a weekend!!!!

"There is always something for which to be thankful."

Author: Charles Dickens
This was the little gift I had on the tables for the ladies as they arrived.... 
I was so happy with how they turned out....
I already have ideas in place for the next retreat :)
with a little group help and Michelle's quick wit [LOL]

Sar from Savvy gave an AWESOME glimmermist demo - showing different techniques & ideas of how to use it.... I sold out by the end of the day [18 glimmermist, 6 masks & HEAPS of grungeboard & chipboard]... thanks SAR!!!


Saturday was GREEN DAY - for no real reason - just coz I like green....

and most of the ladies got involved [if they remembered] and I have awarded a YUMMY
"GREEN bubbly chocolate block" to these ladies for the best dressed!!!
- i'll give it to Bev on Friday [Nat I hope she shares] :)

We had a group photo - I took the first one...

and Jody decided I need to be in it...
 and silly me handed over my camera OMG!!!! she is sooo funny!!!!

Here's a few shots from over the weekend.

Sunday Group photo

Ang, Me & Deb
- these girls were the HIGHLIGHT of my weekend
- meeting you both was just AWESOME...
I am so glad I can call you both "friends"...
cant wait to see you again soon :)

Kate & Marijana - what sweethearts!!!

Tam & Michelle - very special ladies these two!!!

And we had the pleasure of Miss Jane B's company on Sunday
- you are a gorgeous funny lady
- especially now that you are "offically part of the flock"
- you got picked on ner ner - HEHE!!!!

how gorgeous is she!!!!

And Carol [AKA my BEST friend] & me....
aways there, all the time!!!!

Sar & Leesh from Wollongong
- so glad you made the trip
- you definately fit in with us Hunter Girls
 - defiantely welcome ANYTIME!!!!

and Leesh - thanks for not having that bub yet!!!

It was a very productive few days for the ladies scrap wise - not sooo great for me - but I will share my layouts later....

This little lady however did an amazing 43 layouts!!!!& and a mini album ready for the photos from the retreat.....
Emma you are amazing!!!
Watch out for a 'little something; in the mail babe!!!!

Okay now a few special things!!!

how gorgeous is this!!!

Those two NAUGHTY QLD ladies gave me this & more
- definately left me a little shoked and speechless
- but they are such beautiful girls how could I be angry with them for long,....
thankyou so much Deb & Ang!!!

and look at these!!!!

a VERY VERY special lady gave me this book - thankyou Michelle - I will treasure it!!! as I do our friendship - you have been such an amazing support and friend to me - especially over the past 6 months - and I feel very greatful to know you and call you 'my friend'....

and as you can see Michelle also gave me 6 MORE books - she said she wanted me to hand them to some of the girls at the retreat
- OMG what a HARD thing for me to do in a room full of 30 'friends'...
So what i did was got Meah, Sienna & myself to draw the names out of a bucket
- as all of you ladies are deserving of these gorgeous little books....
the lucky six ladies are [in no order]...

STEPH - AKA mumma bear

those books will be in your hands VERY SOON!!!!

And a few other special 'packs' will be making their way to these ladies

Tam - for completeing ALL of the 'challenges' over the weekend
- with some very inspiring pages I might add - gorgeous work Tam

Laraine - for being our little quiet acheiver
- I love that you are able to come scrapping with Tash - I know how much i love scrapping with my mum, so i can only imagine how it must feel for
Tash to share her love of this craft with her Nan...

Sharon - for being our 'shopaholic' of the retreat
- you were so in your element enjoying all the NEW stuff you havent seen
 - and you created some AWESOME pages with it all too!!!!



So many amazing moments - gorgeous ladies, fun, scrapping, food, laughter....
lots and lots of laughter....
I would like to thank each & everyone of the ladies who came this year
 for making this our
BEST ever retreat....


Anonymous said...

It was the most awesome retreat. Loved meeting everyone. You made us feel so welcome. Can't wait to see you again - miss you guys already. Take care Deb xx

Sar said...

Awwwww we miss you too, Deb!

And I can't wait for next year either, book me in baby!!!


Tash said...

Peta, you are such a beautiful person babe!! Nan and I had such an awesome time and by the time we got into it by Sunday, we wished there were 2 or so more days to go!! Nan couldn't stop talking about howmuch fun she had and the weekend has inspired her to set up a scrap room in her study!! Oh and she would also like the beautiful M's recipe for the cheesecake too!! Thankyou, thankyou, did an amazing job and I am so glad we got to spend the weekend with the ladies we did! xox

Jane said...

(where's the tongue sticking out emoticon!!!!!!!), but truely thanks again for another great day - I'm hoping that next year I might be able to swing the whole weekend :), and meet even more wonderful people :)

donna said...

bugger.. bugger.. bugger... I should have driven down... book me in for next year I am DEFINATELY coming xxxxx

marijana said...

i want to go back NOW!!!
i had THE BEST time .THANK YOU girls!! it was great to meet so many "online" friends.
Im so coming next yr!!!

and Peta you did amazing job with everything .it was AWESOME!! thank you babe!!!

MISS YOU ALL and I think it should be 4 FULL days retreat at least -lol


Terri B said...

From past experience I know how much fun these girls are at Peta's place...From reading everyone's rave's of the weekend I am every shade of GREEN imaginable!

Peta, you are one amazing lady & I have long been in awe of you. Congrats an extremely successful retreat!

Kate said...

Thanks so much Peta, you did such a fabulous job organising and it was an awesome weekend....wish I could have spent more time there :(

really looking forward to my retreat now!!! book me in for the full weekend next year xxx

Bree said...

Wow Peta it looks like so much fun was had by all!! I can see by the photos what an amazing job you must have done to create a magic weekend!! Hugs to to you xxx

Emma said...

Loved that weekend...AWESOME!!!
Huh?! What?! Little something?
Thanks so much PJ for holding this retreat!!!!