Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HUGE Share of Pics & Pages

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:
 the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.
 ~Burton Hillis

our Christmas Dinner

Jada liked Poppy's World alot more this year - there was only a few times she didnt 'want that on'
and she loved the reindeer

Kylie & Nate

Jada & Ky

My little Santa's helpers


[oops i loaded the blurry one - oh well LOL]

Zac - he was having fun

Jada with her new necklace

Sienna was so cute unwrapping - very carefully!!!!

We took the kids for a walk down the lake

to slide down the hill

I cant wait to scrap these picks of the kids getting a drink from the tap - something as kids we did all the time - most kids will never be allowed to now with over protective parents - its the little things that you remember from childhood that make you smile...

climbing trees

wading in the lake....

looking for the ducks

my favourite shot of the whole day

this is my parents house - the front view....

I got to scrap yesterday.....
and as I hadnt done any for weeks i decided to grab my new DEC
Scraptrends Mag which you can purchase HERE
and I did a few scrap lifts...
Oh I also had the new CK mag too - i think this one was in there...

I did another one - but it was the Blind Challenge last night so i wont load it - but I LOVE my page....
I created the BC by using a layout in  the ST mag and changing it slightly - it was great as I got to scrap too...

So there is one HUGE share for you :)

I also have a few NEW kits left - 1 x OA Report Card, 4 x OA Farm Fresh, 1 x Summer Create and 3 x Colour Your world....

SO get shopping ladies - I know you want to!!!!

Okay Im off to do some house work and then head out for the day - have a GREAT one :)


Anonymous said...

Sienna has grown up so much, Peta! Love the pics - that one of Sienna walking away is gorgeous and Zac looks so happy ;) Love all those LO's - gorgeous. Have a wonderful Christmas! Take care, Deb xx

Sar said...

AWESOME pics babe, lots of awesome pages to be created from all those gorgeous shots. Blowing out at how much Meah looks like Kylie but, omg!!! Looks like you had a lovely Chrissy with your fam. xoxo


WOW you have really got it goin on with the pics.. hooly dooly they are brilliant.. xx