Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Scrappy Day ahead!!!

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
~Herm Albright

I love that quote - and just how I am feeling too :)
I have a list of 25 things to do today and it keeps growing...BUT I have done 10 so far - so thats a good thing!!!
Blogging being on the list too - I have been a bit slack - havent really had much to share other than some crappy dance pics i tried to get of Meah on stage [no flash allowed] so I wont be sharing those....
But i do have this page I did last night and finished off this morning

This is the December Sketch over at Savvy
- I think I might do it again with some christmas papers - it is a great sketch - go check it out!!!

And here are a few pics from the weekend just gone.
Dad took Zac to cricket and got a few pics

and on Saturday arvo we all put the tree up and decorated the loungeroom. Meah also wanted to have a family photo - no one else was keen as you can see by the looks on their faces... and Sienna wanted to sit behind Meah not on her lap

but we had fun and the room looks gorgeous and christmasy now....
need to wrap some presents and put them under the tree [and hope Sienna leaves them alone - none of the other kids have ever touched
- but Sienna is not like ANY of the other kids!!!!]

Speaking of Sienna - she is finally SLEEPING!!!
Alot of you have known that since birth she hasnt been a great night sleeper - so I thoguht I would let you all know we had 5 nights in a row of sleeping thru!!! YAY!!!....
so at least we know she can LOL!!!

Oh and don't forget ot check out the JUST Christmas section for some BARGINS....
NB; no futher discounts apply on these items.

AND - tomorrow I have a SCRAPPY day planned with a few of the girls - should be fun - a few laughs, lots of food and scrapping!!!! how can we go wrong!!!

Okay I am off to get more of the list done - which has just grow to 30 things!!!



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Sienna is sleeping through. Love that LO - looks fab. Just checked out the shop too - gorgeous stuff!!!

Sar said...

I love that quote too, its so true!!! Love your take on the sketch, you certainly didn't muck around, did you!! xoxo

Terri B said...

Love that Sienna is sleeping through for you. Gorgeous take on the sketch. xx