Saturday, January 2, 2010

Family & Friends!!!!

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.
~Elisabeth Foley

What better way to spend a rainy day than visiting with friends!!!

This morning we drove to Toronto to have breakfast with our good friends Donna & David.... we dont see them much - but it is always great when we do :)
And more importantly it is my Godson Riley's 15th Bday today - so it was GREAT to see him and see him really like his present!!! a new wallet :)

Breakfast - YUMMY!!!!

Demi - with her bag of xmas goodies

Riley - we gave him a hat for xmas - i think he liked it HEHE!!!

Zoe loved her 'Twilight Journals'...

they use to fit so nicely in front of the tree.... wow they grow so fast!!!

We have SAND!!!!
Jason's arvo job....

lots of sand

This arvo I got a Special visit from a SPECIAL friend....
Sar came to scrap!!!
It was GREAT....
as soon as she got in the door we yacked yacked and yacked!!!
as we scrapped, scrapped & scrapped!!!

Cooper had a great time playing with all the lego and our side ont he playgym & tramp

I so love that we have become such great friends - being able to bounce ideas of like minded people in business is AWESOME!!! thanks for being you Sar :)

Another GREAT end to another GREAT day of 2010... wow this year has started so well - and I know it will only continue this way - coz thats the way i want it :)
here's my pages from today
this one and the 3rd one are inspired by LOs in the ST mag...

This months sketch at Savvy - and this is also the Inspired Blue Prints sketch

And this is the 1st page I did for 2010 - on the 1st of January!!!
of course I had to scrap a pic of my bestest best friend :)

okay Im off to scrap the night away - well once the kids are fed and bathed :)


marijana said...

great pages as usual :) have I ever told you that your work is amazing and you can scrap beautifully -:)

lucky girls to be able to catch up and scrap ...

hope to see you SOON


Sar said...

Thank YOU for being YOU and for being such a good friend, love you babe and truly cherish any time I get to spend with you. Mwah! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics and stunning pages!!! You lucky things, getting to scrap together.

Jane said...

looks like another productive scrappy day Peta :), gorgeous LO's as always :)