Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Don't aim for success if you want it;
just do what you love and believe in,
and it will come naturally.
~David Frost
I love it when I find a quote which makes you smile, the smile you get when you can really feel
the words meaning something to you....
I havent heard this one before but boy is it one that I will hold close to my heart
- how true it is for me!!!

My sale over the weekend was a HUGE success and I would like to thank everyone for their orders and I hope you enjoyed the retail therapy.
All orders have been posted now - and the south girls I will be delivering yours next friday :)

and another success - DOTM - wow was I blown away by the amount of people
who responded to my call....
thankyou for everyone who has taken the time to apply.
I have contacted those who will be "playing" with an SFS kit over the year....
however there are a few months I am yet to fill and I will leave these
months till later............
so I still may contact you down the track if I have your application on file.

Our 1st DOTM has really nailed the kit I sent her - Fran thankyou once again.
I only have 2 kits left - so if you would like one be QUICK - you will find it HERE

I have been doing a bit of scrapping - doing a 52 page/52 week challenge over at Savvy
my photos of the pages are all crooked - I need practice taking them of these 6x12 pages LOL

I am enjoying working with this size, something diferent.
Thats just two of them.... I will share the others later.

I hope you all have a brilliant day - I plan to!!!


Kate said...

they look awesome Peta! love them :)

Jane said...

WOW Peta, you really nailed the smaller size they are just fabulous :), and what a perfect quote (I've had to make a copy of that one for me too :))


peta......... 6 x 12.... wow ... love em.. you have definately crossed over to the dark side lol

love the camping pic of you.. noice...