Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home now!!!

 after an awesome weekend!!!
Im not sure where to start....

lets start with the thrusday night at 10pm a car load arrived in my drive from Wollongong...
and they also had a special guest with them...Miss Donna...

It was great to meet Donna & Del and see San & Sar again...
We sat around and drank and talked till about 12.30...

Then up early and off we went to Main Creek...
stopping in Dungog for Breakfast with Loz who I organised to come as a special suprise for Sar :)

We got to the retreat and started setting up
- thankfully everyone pitched in to help me as it took us 2 hrs to get the shop all sorted out...
thankyou to the girls - you were a GREAT help really appriciate it!!!

Here is the group photo of us all on saturday after our VERY yummy lunch
[one of many awesome Marion Meals]

Kate & I have been working to get this retreat together for months - and to Kate's Credit she created an AWESOME retreat.... well done chickie!!!

I love this girl - she has become one of the bestest friends I have and I love spending time with her
[as often as im allowed LOL!!!]
Here are a few other pics off Kate's camera - as I didnt take one photo ALL WEEKEND - how slack!!!

Sar, Kate & Me

Amanda & Lois - two gorgeous ladies who I cant wait to go retreating with in June :)))

and what can I say about this stunning lady
and BevnNat - yes it is one word!!!
you guys are just the bestest!!! Love yas both heaps!!!

I had a GREAT timing with all my friends - my best friend Carol :), as well as meeting some new friends, which is always fun!!!

I ended up doing 27 pages - which i will load a few up here later today
- once i unpack properly and get sorted....

Now I can count down tot he next retreat - Hunter Valley Retreat is in May.... HURRY UP MAY!!!!


jules said...

looks and sounds like you had a great weekend honey....can't wait to see some of those 27pages!!! Wow that's awesome!!!!

Giovanna said...

woohoo - 27!! not bad Pj. Looks as though you all had fun. Did Miss Donna behave?????
You are looking very spesh too Pj!!


BOUT time u came home.. rofl.. u need a leash woman.. gallavanting like that.. (green as here rofl)

as gigi said.. u look GREAT.. so does kate.. she looks very hot in that top!