Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Todays Class......

was definatley value for money
$25 for all this
and a yummy homemade quiche & salad :)
and we did 3 layouts
the 3rd one I cannot show you as I will be using it as the Blnd Challenge
HERE on friday.

But I have one extra kit from todays class....
and I can write up some basic instructions if someone would like to purchase it.
You get all the product to create the 3 LOs, pictures of the 3 LOs & breif measurements.
from ONLY $25.
Email me HERE if you would like it.


Kate said...

do you include the quiche and salad with the spare kit? hehe xo

Kate said...

p.s. beautiful layouts too i love the ribbon!

Peta said...

LOL - sorry Kate - we ate it all ;)