Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bit excited - okay VERY excited!!!

I'm now on the CT for Scrap the Girls 
Kate told me early last month and I have held my tongue and not told a SOLE!!!!
So lucky I have two camera shy girls - NOT!!! 
Yes I have HEAPS of photos to use - along with 3 sisters & 5 neices....
no end of gorgeousness in my photo box!!!
And I am very excited as I do struggle with GIRLY stuff - so I am loving the challenge to step up to....
So thank you Kate for having me on board
I will be working alongside some very talented ladies, many of them I know and have met 
them in real life!
Love meeting online friends.

So what are you waiting for - get on over and SCRAP YOUR GIRLS!!!
August's Challenge is -
Girls getting messy! 
Use your less than lady-like photos 
(some examples might be a bad hair day, mud & dirt,
food disasters, tantrums etc - use your imagination!)

Include a "messy" technique on your page, such as inking, glimmermisting or painting.

Here is my sample page


Kate said...

yay peta!! so excited to be on the team alongside you, i am such a big fan :) looking forward to seeing your interpretations of the challenges!!! xox

Kate said...

Very excited to have you on the team Babe!!! love your stuff :)

Chloe :-) said...

Congrats Peta!!!! Love your stuff :-) :-) And this page is soooo cute :-) :-)

jules said...

woohoo way to go honey...looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous creations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Peta!! Love the layout of Sienna too

Barb said...

A huge Congrats from me!! I love your work and your are a truely inspiring person and I'm so glad Kate pointed me in your direction!!!

Lauren said...

Congrats Peta! I'm looking forward to being on the team with you! Love your work. :)

~ Jane ~ said...

Way to go girl !!!