Monday, November 8, 2010


is the only one word I can find right now - but I think it sums it up.

TWO retreats in 10 days... am I mad?
Some thought I was - but it all worked perfectly!!!!!

Retreat #2 was GREAT... a room full of fabulous ladies...
 less ladies meant a different set up this weekend and alot more room to move around
of course Brian was here to help our creativeness contnue with awesome coffee fixes

 our Saturday group photo - a few 'saturday daytrippers'
I had lots of "NEW friends" come this weekend...
  10ladies whom I had never met IRL before
and 6 I hadnt even chatted to on line.
It was wonderful to meet each and everyone of you... and I hope you all
come scrapping with us again :)
 These 3 girls might as well have been scrappign with us for years 
- as they just fitted in perfectly.... practical jokers, lots of laughs...
just beautiful ladies - thanks for coming Mandy, Annie & Donna.
You are welcome here ANYTIME!!!
 Lois & Amanda - what can I say - my two loyal sheeples....
Great friends and ones I am proud to call my friends too
Love you ladies :)
 Sara & Kate came up for the day on saturday - shame you couldnt stay longer girls
next time make sure you can - as it was great having you here and seeing you create :)))
very talented ladies!!!
 Sarah Jane, Nat, Haylee & Kellie - it was AWESOME that you were able to come for the 
time you did...hope this is the first retreat of many for you all...
See you soon at the next class :))
 Dianne & Jane - I really enjoyed watching you two catch up
and scrap together....
Jane is was great to finally meet you IRL - loved all our chats :)
 Emily - after so many years of online chatting I LOVED meeting you and spending the whole weekend
with you - and your gorgeous Pommy friend Helen - you girl are a beautiful soul.... with the most contagious laugh :p
 4 little sheep on the fence :)
Amanda, Michelle, me & Lois
love you all :))
 Haylee - THANK YOU so much for all your work with the new logo
the shirts and everything else...
You are a gem - and a GREAT friend :)
so thats us in a nut shell
we had a great weekend - lots of laughs, yummy food and fun...

I havent started photographing my layouts from the two retreats 
- but I think I got 22 done this weekend just past and 19 the week before
not a bad start to the month :)

Dont worry i wont bore you with them all - maybe a collage of each kit I used :)
but thats a post for another day...


Tam Partridge said...

what fun and so jelous girls
and I missed you all this yr

Jodi said...

Looks like you had a blast! Way to go... two retreats. You must be run off your feet. You are a real champ. Not sure how you do it all but well done you!

amanda said...

The photos are great Peta - thanks again for a wonderful weekend - it certainly was a treat getting to scrap with these girls!!!

Paula said...

Great to hear you enjoyed the weekends as much as us girls did! :)

Jules said...

OMG that looks like fun peta! so wish i had a retreat going on near me... what a great job you did! would love to see all the gorjus creations that came out of that! :) x

Jane said...

Loved meeting you too Peta - it was an awesome weekend and a truly gorgeous bunch of ladies. You are blessed!

Kate said...

thanks for an amazing day on saturday peta!! i loved meeting all the girls, and seeing the few that i have already had the pleasure of knowing!! will head up your way one day soon for a catch up! xo

Emily P said...

Thanks again for the bestest time.. miss you already & can't wait to catch up again sometime!
great pics.. will have to get some from you to scrap :)