Monday, March 21, 2011

Retreating at Main Creek - photo share

Well what a fantastic weekend we have just had....
Loads of scrapping [ i did 32]
yummy food
plenty of laughs
and just an all round awesome weekend with a bunch of great friends....
I love being able to spend the weekend with good friends and enjoy together our hobby...

here are a few pics

I really LOVE working with Kate when she has her
Retreat to Main Creek
I feel so blessed to call her one of my bestest friends.....

I took some pics of Kate with my new lens....
we had such a great time taking these - here's a few of them
unsuccessfully being pensive
the flick
the real smile

Kate then took some of me - can't say i LOVE them but they arent too bad
thanks Kate

Kate decided to take the group pic at the sunniest part of the day 1pm!!!
so I sent her off to find some shade...
this is Kate "light testing"

she did a great job and we all got together for this one untill Tash trod on the ants nest

so we changed locations and Marion took some great shots
then i got a few of some of the girls
Bron & Kate
Tash & Hayley
Kate, Michelle & Amanda
Kate & Haylee
Haylee & Kellie

One thing we NEVER go without is FOOD!!!
and yummo food
thanks to Marion & Dave...
Here's Marion dishing out our Sunday BBQ lunch

and we even get to eat alfresco

No retreat is complete with out these two WONDERFUL friends
two best friends who are so much fun and I always get a smile on my face just
thinking of them and the things they do
I wanted to get a pic with them both
so whilst I set the camera the fun begun
and we got a noice photo
till the tree got on my head
and Nat decided to play with my a#$e
thanks again for some great laughs ladies...

But all jokes aside the BESTEST part of the weekend was the fact that I got to share it with my MUM!!!
althought she had to block her ears alot and ignore alot of the 'language'
she relaxed and had some laughs and jokes
[and wasnt always the butt of them lol]
but it really was nice to have some mum time without the kids - the family or 
running around at my retreatorganising stuff....
Hope you can make it next year too :)

Would you like to come next year???
16-18th march 2012
LIMITED spaces - be quick and email Kate HERE

so now it is time to try to find my album and take photos of my layouts - enter the comps
which i did and show some layouts....
I also need to add sme new kits tothe shop
so keep your eyes peelled for new goodies!!!!


Emily P said...

still jealous here haha.
Really looks like you girls had a great & fun time.
So happy you got your mum time!

Sar said...

Love all the pics, still super jealous that I wasn't there but stoked for you that you had an awesome time. xx

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics, looks like you had the best time. Looking forward to seeing your layouts. Take care, Deb xx

Kate said...

ROFL....don't think ALL of those photos needed to be included LOL!! most of them are gorgeous Peta! thanks lovely xxx thanks for your hard working bringing the shop over too :)

Peta said...

im pretty sure you will thankful i didnt load them ALL Kate ;)

and my shop is happy to travel ANYWHERE!!!!
it was so easy in the camper :)

Kate said...

gorgeous photos peta i bet you are loving the beautiful photos your new lens is helping to create!! looks like a fabulous bunch of ladies :) xox

Jodie said...

Wow!! Looks like you all had a fabulous time :)

Bree said...

The retreat looks like so much fun! And now I have photo proof I finally believe BevNnat are actually two separate people :) Before that I thought they may have just been a split personality :)
The photos are gorgeous and Peta I love the ones Kate took of you, especially the last one, your smile is beautiful!