Friday, November 2, 2007

Yesterdays cards

Well I was on a mission yesterday I made another 4 cards....

I think today will see a few more and then my plan for the weekend is to get stuck into some xmas ones..... I am really enjoying them, more than I thought, they are quick and easy and I am using up alot of scraps.

I did do a layout yesterday too, but can't post it yet (its a secret).... well i can only mark off 2 things off my list, but hopefully after a day scrappin today & then saturday, I think i'll stay home Dh can do cricket, and i'll scrap for the morning.... then i should be up to date and may even get some tidying up done.

On the pregnancy front I am 13 weeks now, still sick each morning, but it isn't as bad thru the day...BUT I am sooooooooo tired, i am sure I wasn't like this with the others, so I have bought some pregnancy vitamins hoping that these will snap me out of it, fingers crossed.

Off to scrap at Kate's today so I better go and pack....

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rihani said...

Hi PJ!! I like your blog! Your cards are beautiful and congrats on your pregnancy too!!! :) Hope to chat to you some more!

Rihani x