Thursday, December 13, 2007

A December Update

we tooks these pics on the first weekend of December, we had the family here for the weekend which was great and we put the tree up and found Zac's little santa suit, which was a perfect fit for Jada, we took heaps of photos, but these are my favourite, especially the crying one!!!!

Here is my update, 18.5 weeks, and growing fast.... feeling alot better now, life is easier, thankgod.
And the countdown has begun now till xmas.... but first we have the ballet concert on saturday, then mum & dad are taking Caleb home with them for a few days till we get up there next thursday for a xmas celebrations with the family.... then home for a quiet xmas, just us.... so only 12 sleeps till santa comes.... I can't wait, Caleb will be so much fun this year, as he gets so excited about new things.... might need to dig out the video camera (haven't used it for years!)
Well I have loads to do the next 3 days, still shopping to complete, today we have end of year mass for the 2 schools and Zac is doing a reading, so I will duck in there, then head to Maitland as we need new fishnet stockings for ballet pics tonight, I will also hopefully get a few more gifts done, then race home to get organised for this arvo, as I am going out for a staff dinner tonight too, busy busy busy!!!!
Hope you all have a fun day.

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