Monday, December 10, 2007

My last week of Passion 4 Fashion over at Scrapboutique... Futuristic.... it was a hard one, but the BG Obscure range is very futuristic to me so i had to use it, and the rest flowed from there....
I'll be glad to be able to catch up on some other porjects this week, but am Very sad to see this comp come to an end as I have enjoed it so much.
Had a great weekend, yesterday was my Xmas crop at home, only had 5 of us, but it was really nice, got a few layouts done (which I haven't put the titles on yet as they were drying). I also finished off a few xmas pressie projects so that was good.
This week sees alot of running around after school with presentation nights, ballet photos, ballet rehersals & finally the concert of the year on saturday night..... I am so glad that it will all be over as I am very tired.
18 weeks now.... and I am huge, well compared to my other 3 anyway, I have a scan in 2 weeks, can't wait.
well I had better get the kids on the bus and then get ready for work.

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