Friday, December 7, 2007

Finally time to catch up

why is it soooo busy at this time of year, I think we need to change the silly season madness to November so that then we have December to recover prior to starting a new year.

Today I have Zac home with a pupil free day, which is good as he will play with Caleb & keep him out of my hair. I have a class today at 10.30, which I am actually organised for, so I thought it was time to update you all on whats happening.

Here are some layouts I have done.
The one with the clock was from a kit I bought at Bons, awesome kits, heaps of product and i have heaps left over to do more.
Dangerous drivers was done using a sketch from fran on Bons CC and the Grand final one is week 8 of Passion 4 Fashion "Grunge"..... only one week left and its Futuristic... scarey!!!! I have nearly finished but need to do a few more things.
On sunday is my Xmas crop at home.... I think I have about 5 ladies coming, so that will be nice, I need to create some great xmas layouts to share with them though, so I better get off here and go create.
catch up soon

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