Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finally an update

I am sorry!!!!!

I have been so busy of late at work that I have had no time to blog, as the scrappin comes 1st of course!!!!

It has been a huge few weeks here, we have had Meah's 7th Bday, and a pool party for that..... I have been working 3-4 days a week and bringing the rest I am very tired, but hey soon I will be not there so i am saving the money madly!

Here is some of my work of late, I have more to load, but blogger is on a go slow, so I will load them latter today.

i made Meah's Bday cake for her party this year.....

The weather turned out beautiful for the pool party and the girls had a great time.
Thisis my comp entry for Bons monthly kit comp, I bought the boys pack, and the papers are gorgeous... I have done this layout.....
and this one too... and have heaps more to use, definately worth the money.... go check it out a BONS.... you can also get a girl kit!!!
Went out to Kate's last friday and we did this great layout, lots of colour and circles, it was heaps of fun...........
And this is my layout from the VERY 1st Funkstreet Design class..... conducted by Charm.... I am sooo happy with this layout, I love it, thanks Charm.
I have also done Karlene's class last night but its not quite finished, so I will show you that soon.
Caleb went off to preschool today..... I will load those pics later.... I had a class, and it was really nice not having to deal with him too.... although I am missing him, his constant chatter and 'Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum'.... okay maybe I am not missing him :)


Kate said...

Yay!! was just coming to give you a dig about the slack blogging lol! Love the new pages, especially the one from Charm's class - it look fabulous!!! great work:)Hope caleb had a fun day at preschool, good luck tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

dont worry PJ im gonna check out kates blog to see if she has uploaded if not i will give her heaps..... LOL

YOur pages look great (as always) charms class looks great

love the bday cake layout
happy birthday MEAH .... that cake looks yummo .... hope you got a heap of pressies....