Thursday, February 28, 2008

30 Weeks

Not my best hair day but hey who can be fussy..... look at that bump!!!! and those stretch marks... thats what happens i spose after 4 pregnancies ;)

Zac took this pic for me, and I think he did a great job.... my budding little photographer!

Lots of movemnet and it hurts!!! strong little bugger.... but I am loving evry movement. The back is giving me hell, real bad when I have to lie down, but I am trying to cope with that.

All in all I am feeling good, put on 14 kilo so far.... hope its not all baby.... well I know its not, as my Butt is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

so 10 weeks left, not long now... but it is going very slow for me.... which is a good and a bad thing, as this is my last so i don't want to rush it too much.

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