Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i've been tagged

Heres the rules

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Seven random facts -excellent - thanks Fran!!!!!!!...........and Kate!!!!

1. I would prefer to have 5 things on the go than have time to watch a movie - i like being busy

2. ok Fran spoke about quotes - I went & saw Rocky horror picture Show at Star city on the 1st weekend in March and still know everyword to the WHOLE thing - we use to watch it over and over again in highschool, and even had it on tape (casset tape that is :) )

3. My fav movie...even though I don't watch them.... is still Beauty & the Beast Disney version - and I know all the words to it too!!!!

4. highschool...mmmm so many years ago......i still have one friend who I see nearly everyday...she is my BEST FRIEND, and just amazing & hilarious!!! I do keep in contact with one other guy who was in my year, well actually he is my now adopted brother so I have to!!!! Love you Obe!!!

5. books - i don't have much reading time, but I do love motivation books.... and something with a good story line!!! My sisters keeper was the last book I read that stands out.

6. I am sick to death of MICE!!!!! yes I am semi rural, and they just wont go away!!!! we use to have them as pets as kids and I remember crying for hours when my sisters cat ate my mouse when I was cleaning its cage out!!! now I love the sound of the mouse trap

7. I'll go with Frans idea here...... My fave food is Thai.....love it, all of it!!! not too hot as to burn off the flavour just enogh to heat the palate!!!!

That wasn't too bad
Okay tag time.....mmmmm..... this is where I have an issue as all the people I know have been tagged!!!
so it looks like it stops here!!!! sorry

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