Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Day out 4x4ing

Today we took a drive with the Dyes & the Nugents thru the watagan's to look for a camp spot.....
Lets just say we we had a GREAT day - but we wont be camping on the road we took LOL

a few odd pics of the day.....

1. Carol & I

2. I got the 1st & BIGGEST leech

3 &4 the kids

5. Caleb

6. & 7. the dam

8. puddles!!!!

9. we DIDNT go down it - much tot he guys disgust - down would have been fine - but we were worried if we had to turn around and come back we wouldnt have got back up [someone forgot the snatch strap]

- heres a few extra close ups of the puddles & ditch.... the boys were in their element - Tina HATED it all - and Carol & I were happy to be out and about....

10. & 11. Tina's salvation

the rest are pics of the kids playing at lunch & us at the pub on the way home....

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