Monday, April 13, 2009


Okay photo overload here - but I need to share - as I am loving my new baby!!!!!
Okay for the photo critics out there I have NOT "fixed" anything in these pics - the only editing I did was resize them to load them.... no cropping no nothing!!!!!!!
I LOVE this shot - even though his face is blurry! - but this is where I am practicing on making sure I have the right "thing" in focus LOL...

Miss Model!!!!

My FAVOURITE pic of our pak play today!!!!

And another............

Miss Sienna loved the freedom of crawling around the grass!!!

OKAY DAY 2...................

Swings are one thing I have soooooo much trouble photographing - and i am determined to keep practicing!!!!!!.... Sienna's 1st ever swing at a big park - she loved it!!!!

Climbing the tree and posing for me is an easy thing for this model of mine.... how gorgeous is she!
Portrait mode
Manual mode -WB - cloudy~ 800ISO

sports mode - pure fluke i think!!! but awesome shot!!!

some baby face close ups

more manual setting shots - the colour is alot crisper than the portrait mode

playing peekaboo with mum!!

theres a monkey in the tree!!!!

such a cutey!!!!!.... love the sparkle in his eyes

I love how the dappled sun is flicky thru the leaves aboe Zac's head......

it was dark in amoungst the bush here so I have use the portrait mode which used the flash.... gave a natural colour which I was happy with.....
Wonder where I can head today to take some more......LOL!!!!


Kate said...

love them all Peta!! fantastic photos!!

Narelle Pearce aka Sassyscrap said...

Awesome photos Peta and Sienna just looks so CUTE and my goodness she looks like you.