Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Dusty Day!!!

You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.
~Leo Aikman
Well the wind is up again and the dust is blowing into town - I am taking a pic out the back each hour to see how it progresses - I will share this arvo... I have put covers on all my stock I really dont want to dust it all again!!!!
So it looks like a prefect day to scrapbook
~ Meah & I might have a mother & daughter scrappy day.
I started this morning sorting out photos and working out what I still need to scrap - I think so far I have throw out about 30 photos!!!! I am alot better now when I print to only print what I need - but these boxes of photos date back to 2000 so there are loads of different ones...
I want to get them organised for my retreat [in 5 weeks woohoo] so that I can get some holidays & family occassions completed.
Well last nights crop was a GREAT night.
Carol, Haylee, Sarah, Michelle, Jane & Rhonda came to "play"...
It was great to chat, laugh and scrap with these lovely ladies....
However i couldnt get into the scrapping - i started one LO and it is still not finished - it took me 3 hrs to stick it down!!!!
But then I did get this one finished.... and Im really happy with it... something a bit different for me - but Im trying to use up all my scraps before I "buy" new stuff..

I have so much "bits of kits" here in my tote I really want to get it all out.

I found a box of bits from kits I did back when I started selling kits - over 3yrs ago now.... boy there was some old PPs in there LOL!!!

So I have picked out some pics to do this morning - so I would like to try and finish off my Adelaide trip & the zoo day.... yep all today!!!!
Might have to do a few simplistic pages - maybe check out Belinda Venables, Fran Tynan's or Tam's blogs for some inspiration.
Have a GREAT Saturday - stay out of the dust!!!!


michelle said...

Looks like a perfect day to do anything indoors. Good on you for sorting your photos. I should take a leaf out of your book and sort something, anything..... photos, PP, scrap supplies, washing...... etc.

I can't believed I might have scrapped more than you last night!
Bella giggled most of the way home

Bree said...

Wow hard to believe that you could not get in to scrapping Peta!! I'm sure that won't last long :)

Hope the dust blows away over there soon!! Made for some gorgeous photos though!!

Love all the quotes you use here Peta!!

Lois said...

Sounds like you had a lovely night Peta and so did your friends. I wanted to come too, was too pooped after a full day scrapping with Miss T and another full day today. I am going to make the next crop night though. I agree with Bree too about the quotes, they are great. Can't wait to scrap with the lovely Michelle again.