Wednesday, September 9, 2009


arrived yesterday
I kitted it and its walking out the door -
so if you would like one of these kits below -
ONLY $25 - for all of this - with 6 sketches!!!!!
Click HERE to grab one NOW!!!

Monstrocity has been selling fast
- i made up 2 more last night so jump in and get one before they are gone too...

there is so much NEW CHA product out there right now - I am torn between what to order first - I have placed orders for the new MME - so it should be here early next week - and I am currently placing a HUGE order for all things RETREAT!!!!!!
OMG it is only 7 weeks away!!!
I have a few DAY TRIPPER spaces available if anyone would like to come for the
day on friday......
you can come for the whole day 10 - whenever or part there of it....
email me if you want to come...
[included in the day are 2 classes]
Tonight I have a BLIND CHALLENGE on line at SFS...
We have 3 on this month so that will be fun....
Subscribe here if you would like to play too
Okay better go get the kids up and ready for school
Have a GREAT Wednesday :)


Jane said...

oh, stop it with all the new products - LOL!!!!!!!!

and I might be able to swing to come on the Friday too ..... will check with the schedule and let you know :)

Peta said...

woohoo Jane - that would be AWESOME!!!! and I wont tell you I am loading MORE stuff today then shhhhhh