Friday, February 12, 2010

Sienna's 1st Day

There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.
~Graham Greene

 at Preschool
She was sooooooooooooo excitied - and looked like such a big girl!!!
It was very bright outside - so she wouldnt open her eyes
She took off down the hallway - but had to stop to play....
Her teacher said she played with this doll & pram ALLDAY!!!
The babies outside area is awesome.... the best thing about a new centre
they always have great NEW stuff....
and as I snuck away she was happierly playing in the sandpit with the teacher and the other kids...

She had a good day - a few tears - but she was happy and very tired, going to bed at 7pm!!! maybe she needs to go more than one day a week LOL!!!

Today I am heading to Wollongong to spend some time with Sar from Savvy & also see my sister before she has her bub in less than 6 weeks now!!!! Mum & Kylie will be down to so I get to catch up with them so it should be a GREAT weekend - with HEAPS of photos & LOADS of pages
 [as Im staying with Sar - so Im sure we will scrap up a storm]

Have a GREAT Friday everyone!!!


kate said...

have a great time peta, drive safe. glad your little Sienna had a nice day!!

Chloe :-) said...

Gorgeous pics Peta, and I love that quote. Have a lovely time scrapping!!

Anonymous said...

love the pics - glad she had a great day!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Kate said...

awww she looks so cute and happy!! what a big girl :)
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend with Sar, wish I was there too!!

Jane said...

awwweeee she's growing up already!!!!! so glad Sienna enjoyed her first day, and have a fabbo weekend away :)