Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Camping Fun

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!

I hope you have had a GREAT long weekend...
We wentt to Wangi camping with some friends and had a fantastic time!!!

Here's a few random pics of what we did

We went fishing off the shore

and off the Jetty
and we relaxed...
we watched the sunrise... yes Telessa & I fished at dawn - it was so peaceful!!!!
we went out in the boat
all of us had a great time
yes even ME!!!
and we even enjoyed the boat off water
and the next day we did more extreme water sports
on the tube and the biscuit
getting some great air
and we had a few minor 'ego' injuries....
but all was good and they had a blast

and most important we had some great family time...

 Easter 2010 - our story in a nushell...

okay I am going to start loading new stock and making kits...
be back soon :))))


Kate said...

glad you enjoyed the lake peta!! looks like you had a great weekend with your friends and family :) xo

Jane said...

Looks like you had a wonderful and relaxing Easter Peta, great photos, can't wait to see some of those scrapped :).